Monday, May 11, 2015

Selling Your Clothes to Consignment Shops

It is common to feel that you have too many clothes, even if most of them are items that you don’t even wear anymore. The unused clothes just sit there inside your cabinet and essentially become a display and space-hog. There are many options when looking to get rid of these, like handing them down to a younger sibling, giving them to a friend, or donating them. However, one way of clearing out the closet while also making cash is to sell the clothes to consignment shops.

Just bring your clothes to their shop and they value its worth then put a price on it. When a customer buys the clothing, both the shop and the seller get a profit. Typically, the shop gets 20 to 50 percent of the selling price of the clothes. 

A key to selling clothes to consignment shops is to know what items the shop mainly deals with. Some can sell everything, while some can specialize in vintage, designer, and the like. Knowing what the shop wants will increase the chances of them buying your clothes off you, and also the chances of it selling. It would also help if the clothes are in considerably good condition and not completely worn out. 

If you have clothes that you are not wearing anymore, it would be a good idea to sell them. Not only will it go to good hands, but you’ll make a profit out of it as well.

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