Monday, June 22, 2015

How Fashion 2.0 Becomes Fashion 101

Have you ever experienced walking through the mall and seeing the latest displays, and telling yourself “wait, that’s back in style!?”

One of the most important things that you need to remember is that some fashion trends DO come back around. Think about how skinny jeans first became the must-have of the 60’s, or even how overalls were suddenly high-fashion. Indeed, the terms “tried and tested” or “history repeating itself” may also apply to fashion trends. What became a hit before, will no doubt grace the racks of your favorite stores again after a couple of years.

So what’s the point of this exactly? Be a smart fashionista and don’t throw all your clothes away. Yes, it’s important to de-clutter in time for the next sale, but throwing everything you deem as “out-of-style” will only make you buy the same items again after a few years. Another useful tip that you should consider is that consignment shops are the goldmines of the fashion industry. Why buy a Donna Karan or Louis Vuitton ensemble at full price in designer stores, when you can get the same in consignment shops for a reasonably lower price.

If you’re worried about the same clothes no longer fitting you, especially if they’re from a popular brand or designer, make some money out of them by selling them through online consignment stores.

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