Friday, August 7, 2015

2017 Fashion Trend Predictions

Chic and flashy will make a comeback on the fashion runways come 2017, so get ready. Many in the industry agree that vibrant and catchy prints will be all the craze two years from now. Some designers are so confident that they even gave a small peak of what their 2017 collections have in store and it appears that acid green, midnight blue, turquoise, purple and red are going to be all the rage.

According to a prominent fashion website blog, bright colors and eco-friendly soft materials teamed up with irregular graphics will be the trend for 2017. A cosmic and futuristic feel is the goal. If these images aren’t to your liking then fret not—you can opt for a more toned down version with Memphis designs that highlight irregular shapes, cut-and-paste designs, artistry, and self-expression inspired by the 80’s.

Remember that cardigan at the back of your closet that looked like a supernova explosion, or that shirt that looked more like an abstract painting? Well, don’t throw them away anytime soon because you’ll be wearing them proudly this 2017. If you don’t have any of these, better start searching through consignment shops for some chic and flashy designs while prices are still low, because pretty soon they’re going to be a lot more expensive.

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