Friday, August 7, 2015

Blazers, Coats, and Sweaters: Chic Work Staples

Forbes declared that every professional woman needs a “perfect blazer.” This tailored jacket, along with coats and sweaters, is an essential piece in your wardrobe for the versatile purpose it can serve.

They can help keep you comfy whenever your office is freezing (like many workplaces are, according to surveys). They can also dress up outfits to make them look more formal and more sophisticated.

How do you know what makes the jacket “perfect”? What qualities should you look for in a chic and useful blazer, coat or sweater for work?

The Right Fit

The most important consideration is how the jacket fits you. When the sleeves are too long, the shoulder width is too far apart, or the bust and waist parts are too loose, even the most stylish jacket can make you look sloppy rather than sophisticated. Look for blazers and coats that fit your frame to a tee or have them altered professionally.

The Right Colors and Styles

You need to have at least one black structured blazer, since it’s the standard way to make any outfit—even colorful ones—look business chic. You can also get jackets, coats and sweaters in white, gray, and beige as alternatives. Make sure the silhouette flatters your body shape.

The Right Fabrics

Look for genuine and high-quality fabrics like wool, cashmere and alpaca or synthetic materials that are similar in versatility. Lighter materials like cotton would be fine for jackets you can wear during summer.

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