Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Online Consignment Stores Are a Great Place to Find a Signature Piece

Accessorizing with a luxe signature piece will up your fashion game. Whether you want to look like a someone who owns the boardroom, a fashion minimalist or an artist, you will need the right items in your wardrobe. The right signature boots, jewelry or a jacket can help you achieve the look you are going for. All these and more are possible to get on a good bargain. At an online consignment store, you can find almost new, branded accessories at a bargain price.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How an Online Designer Consignment Shop Works

Designer clothing can look fabulous, but it can also be quite pricey. Not everyone has the budget to be able to frequently shop the designer clothing that they love at the retail prices the clothing sells for in malls, outlets, department stores and other retails stores.

Put Together a ‘70s Look at an Online Consignment Shop

Back in the day, these wide leg pants were called palazzo pants. This popular ‘70s trend has the look of a skirt with the comfort of pants. Find all of the elements of your modern wide leg trousers look at an online consignment shop.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Online Consignment: A Convenient Way to Reach Your International Buyers

The world of online consignment stores is growing by leaps and bounds these days. Many of these non-traditional consignment stores have emerged so fast that the industry was compelled to have a category for specialty stores. Some of them specialize in luxury-designed clothing lines resales, such as Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and Prada. Others mix high-end brands with mid-market brands such as Kate Spade, Zara, and Michael Kors. Today, you can now find online consignment stores that carry accessories and clothing for children. Brands like Ralph Lauren and Mini Boden are among the most popular. Men are not left out of the revolutionary big picture either, with a few online consignment shops carrying clothing and accessories just for the guys.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Searching for the Perfect Party Dress? Try a Brand Name Resale Store

Wearing a stylish party dress can help you make a bold fashion statement at your next event. Whether you are attending a casual or formal party, you should select the dress to fits your unique style and the appropriate attire for occasion. The color should also complement your complexion. Choose the Best Dress to Fit Your Shape The design of the dress should be flattering to your shape. Most women fit into one or more of the basic body shapes, which are straight, pear, spoon, hourglass, oval and diamond. The dress that you choose should accentuate your figure, while helping you look evenly proportioned and camouflaging those slight bodily imperfections you’re trying to hide.