Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tips on Consigning Your Designer Items

Time to purchase new clothes for the new season but a bit short on cash? If you haven’t been using some items in your closet or you have designer items you’re completely over with, consider selling them though consignment stores. You’ll be able to unload your old or underused stuff and earn money to buy new ones, at the same time. Below are some helpful tips:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

6 Tips to Remember When Buying From Online Consignment Fashion Stores

An online consignment fashion website can be a shopping wonderland, especially if you find an extremely rare designer item at a very good cost. Consignment stores however, are just like regular stores—there are tricks that retailers follow, and if you know these tricks then you might just be able to snatch that high-end designer item for an ever cheaper price. Here are some of them:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Great Affordable Fashion Is Always Available At Designer Resale Shops

Creating a good first impression to the people we meet, and keeping a nice lasting image to the ones we know, is one of the keys to a successful career—and life in general. For this purpose, nothing can make a better first impression than great clothes, and a radiant smile. Fashion, however, is not just about putting on expensive clothes and hoping that they make you look more “expensive”. Here are a few tips to remember this 2015 when you do go out to shop. Money Smart – Be wise when spending your money; plan your budget, and don’t spend more than necessary. Buying designer clothes doesn’t always have to bleed your wallet dry. Designer resale shops, like True Fashionista Resale, are always a smart choice; you get the same quality, for a lesser price.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Selling Your Clothes to Consignment Shops

It is common to feel that you have too many clothes, even if most of them are items that you don’t even wear anymore. The unused clothes just sit there inside your cabinet and essentially become a display and space-hog. There are many options when looking to get rid of these, like handing them down to a younger sibling, giving them to a friend, or donating them. However, one way of clearing out the closet while also making cash is to sell the clothes to consignment shops.