Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sell Your Clothes the Way Fashion Editors Do

There are a lot of interesting ways to earn more money, one of those is consigning your old clothes to consignment shops. You only need to bring your old clothes (provided that they are still in good condition) to these consignment shops, and they’ll give you a part of its original worth. Once your pre-loved clothes are sold, you’ll receive part of the payment; if they don’t get sold, they will be returned to you.

Consignment has been a fad for several years, and if you’re interested in consigning your clothes, here’s how to do it the way fashion editors do.
Bring Out the Best

Having Gucci, Chanel, or Saint Laurent among your pile of old clothes is an added plus when it comes to consigning, so don’t hesitate to bring popular brands out first. The general rule of thumb is that premium designer labels are most likely to lead to a sale.

Perfect Timing

Always sell clothes that are in season: people wouldn’t want to buy coats in summer. Weekdays are always the best time to bring your pile of old clothes to a consignment shop, since these shops would usually be busy during the weekends.

Don’t Settle for Less

It might often be tempting, to just get the money and leave, especially when selling a particular piece you don’t really care about; however, knowing the worth of your clothes can help you determine whether you’re getting a good deal from a shop or not.

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