Monday, October 19, 2015

Calling All Frugal Fashionistas

Once thought of as declasse, consignment shopping has become ultra-chic. Fashionable men and women worldwide have literally made a sport of luxury consignment shopping. Finding the perfect “piece” to add to their collection at bargain prices has the new way of intelligent shopping. No longer is it impossible to own Louis Vitton, Miu Miu or Chanel. With a fervent eye, it’s possible to snag designer pieces below retail market prices.
Why Buy Consignment?

Typical reasons for shopping in designer consignment shops include changes in size, buyer’s remorse or even just wanting to make extra cash so they can buy more luxury goods! Since most types of these consignment shops hand select what they accept, authenticity and quality usually are never a question.

Frugality at it's Finest

For those fashionistas on a budget, discounts typically range between 20-70 percent making it possible to dress in style without being broke! Although most fashionistas adore Valentino and Prada, surely the value of a roof over their heads take precedence.

Go Green

Doing detective work in designer consignment shops means keeping the world a cleaner place by upcycling.

Tips for the Frugal Fashionista

Always look at price tags. If it seems to good to be true, move on.
Most consignment shops carry only one size of each item. This depends on the amount of merchandise they receive.
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