Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Buyer and Seller Perks of Designer Consignment Online

Online designer clothing consignment offers advantages to both savvy shoppers looking to
score a bargain on high end clothing, and for people looking to offload clothing they no
longer need to make some extra money.

For the avid shopper looking to save money while buying designer clothing, consigned items are often priced significantly less than brand new items that are found in stores. The price differences can be quite staggering at times. Purchasing through an online consignment can get you that exclusive dress you have been coveting without breaking your budget. Most consigned items for sale are in excellent condition and it is almost impossible to tell the difference if an item was purchased new or used. Online designer consignments also offer the bargain hunter a plethora of options to choose from all at bargain prices. Many online consignment stores will list their entire inventory online, giving you an incredible variety of designer clothes and accessories to choose from.

For the seller, designer clothing consignments will allow reaping a greater profit from their sale. Selling an item on the spot often results in a lower payout than if you were to have it sold through consignment. You will also be notified by stores when your item sells, and if it does not, you will lose nothing. Consigning your old designer clothing is a smart option, with no risks involved for you. If your item sells, you get a nice payout that’s typically around 50% of the final sale. If your item does not sell, it will be returned to you.

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