Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tips on Consigning Your Designer Items

Time to purchase new clothes for the new season but a bit short on cash? If you haven’t been using some items in your closet or you have designer items you’re completely over with, consider selling them though consignment stores. You’ll be able to unload your old or underused stuff and earn money to buy new ones, at the same time. Below are some helpful tips:

Segregate your clothes.

You may not want to sell all items you don’t regularly use, so divide them into three categories: for alteration, for charity, and for consignment. For instance, if there’s a designer dress you truly love but whose hem has dropped, have it altered instead. You could get more from spending a little to get the damage fixed than from getting it sold.

Ensure that all clothes are in good condition.

Damaged items are far less likely to sell. Your clothes must be free of stains, holes, tears or alterations. Make sure they’re washed, ironed, and presented on a hanger. Ideally, your designer bags must come with their dust bags because these help sell them faster.

Check prices of equivalent items.

Take time to visit the consignment store you’re eyeing and check how much similar items are priced. This will help you know how much to expect. Also, ask the store owner directly, and get information about any charges, and how much would be your share on a sale. Don’t forget to bring photos of the items you intend to sell.

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